We do our best in Aseman team to increase our level of knowledge. We are interested in science, knowledge and modern technology. More


We believe that everything like software must be free and protect user freedom. Protecting user’s liberty is one of our main goals, there for our project will published under the GPL license to protect our user’s freedom. More


We live in a world which the powerful people abuse the others privacy. We are working on a system which protects others information and saves their information by a powerful and advance encryption system. More

Better World

Loving our world and doing our best to change this world to better, this is one of our main goals to create Aseman team. More

Healthy Life

In fact applications put people’s life in danger, and there is a point which must consider in producing these applications that is it’s health, but unfortunately most companies don’t consider it. More


If there is no way certainly we invent them again. We try to invent unique and modern software for future. More