Cutegram 1.0.0 released


Today Cutegram 1.0.0 released.
Cutegram is a telegram client, currently released only for linux. Cutegram’s goal is make a better, native, more linux compatible and easy to use telegram client for linux desktop and users.
Cutegram trying to make better user experience for users.


Cutegram bold features, except of normal features like file sending and …, are Fully drag and drop support, Linux native desktop notification system and dialogs, SystemTray icon, customizable, twitter emojies and many other features you can read them on Cutegram page on website. (Here)

Because it’s first cutegram release, It’s possible it has some problems on your system. So please report problems and let us fix this problems.
We hope you’ll find cutegram usefull and like it.

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  1. hello– just browsing pamac on manjaro stumbled upon this one.. looks cute 🙂

    1. it wont compile (thumbnailer-bzr not available for i686)
    2. tried instaler from web. it does install and sends code. on activation i see the window and the contacs and then it shuts down with error:
    cutegram: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: EVP_idea_cbc
    3. is it possible to run several instances (at least 2) of the cutegram client on the same computer? been trying to accomplish this with official telegram client but… no go 🙁


    • Hi
      Thank you 🙂

      1. Community repostories don’t create by us. Please report bugs about repositories on repositories bug.
      2. I didn’t test it on OpenSUSE before. thank you for reporting. We’ll fix it on the next release soon (1.0.3)
      3. Currently no. But we are working on multi login feature, allow users to login with different phone numbers at same time.We’ll publish this feature on Cutegram 1.1.0.

      Thank you for reporting and for feature suggestion.

      • Hi.
        i installed required libraries for i686 and got cutegram installed 🙂
        is there any additional requirement for “secret chat”? cause i click and point to a user but nothing happens..
        > when sending an image file, in the pop up window to select it, shouldnt it show a thumbnail of the image?

        thanx, good work

      • ok nevermind. i just found out that the secret chats are already in the list with the lock icon 🙂 says “experimental” cool. ill test it.

  2. >Secret chats dont come up in the list immediatly. there has to be a message in/out coming so the list refreshes itself.
    >the lock icon in “icon view” list mode should overlay the avatar, so we can tell apart from the regular chat avatar.
    >emojis look somewhat blurry (?)


  3. Hi, I used Cutegram application on windows and linux. Looks very great :). I have a question is it peer-to-peer chat application or centralized server is used between two clients for communication (I mean client1 to centralized server or data center to Client2)

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